What Do We Offer?


Pesty Critters offers a wide range of animal control and animal removal services. Our office is located in Opelika, AL., across from S&S Termite and Pest Control. Whether you have a squirrel in your kitchen, a raccoon in your attic, bats in your garage, beavers in your pond, or a fox terrorizing your pets, we can take care of the problem.


Our professionally trained and experienced technicians will carefully analyze the situation and discuss the options that are available. Each nuisance wildlife problem demands a different approach, and sometimes several possible solutions. We will discuss our best methods for the circumstances and find a resolution that is both effective and efficient.


Our technicians provide services for, but not limited to: bats, grey squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, snakes, birds, bees, opossum, beaver, chipmunk, coyote, foxes, flying squirrels, skunks, rats, and moles.




What You Can Expect


Disciplined work ethic and high standards for quality

 Courage & Action Orientation

The sincere desire to understand an and help people, putting their needs ahead of ours

Ambition and Drive

Clean, neat appearance and equipment

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