November 10, 2021

Raccoon Fast Facts

Raccoons are some of the most common furry critters that inhabit Alabama, making their mark in dense forests, swamps, farmland, and suburban/urban centers. Because they are such adaptable creatures, they are able to inhabit various environments and climates, not only in Alabama, but also throughout most of the United States.

In fact, raccoons are able to adapt to many environments because they, like humans, have better reasoning capabilities than a lot of other animals. With the convenience of partly opposable fingers on each hand and the fact that they are able to eat a variety of plants and small animals (mostly invertebrate insects), raccoons can make do with very little.

Because raccoons possess such versatility in their skills and they adapt well to their environment, it is no surprise that they are common critters that Auburn and Opelika residents often encounter around their homes.

Here are a few additional facts about raccoons:

Raccoons– “The Masked Bandits”

Raccoons are often called “masked bandits” referencing the black ring of fur surrounding their eyes. They are opportunistic feeders as well, so they are often caught as “bandits” stealing food from trash cans outside of homes or from dumpsters outside of larger buildings in Auburn and Opelika.

The word “raccoon” is derived from the Native American, Powhatan word arahkunem meaning “he scratches with the hands.”

Raccoon Masks Are Practical

Not only does a raccoon’s mask make it look like a bandit, it also plays an important role in helping them see clearly, especially in the dark. The black circles around raccoon eyes absorb much more light than a lighter color of fur would, therefore decreasing the glare hitting raccoons’ eyes. This helps raccoons examine food in the dark.

Raccoon Lifespan

Raccoons do not have extremely long lives in the wild. The average lifespan of a wild raccoon is about 2-3 years. However, this number is extended nearly 7 times over whenever raccoons are kept in captivity.

Raccoons Are Fast and Great Swimmers

Raccoons are surprisingly fast animals able to run up to 15 miles an hour and with raccoons’ ability not only to swim, but stay in water for hours at a time, they are “athletic” little creatures.

Raccoons “Smell” With Their Front Paws

With front paws that are much more sensitive than their back paws and opposable fingers, raccoons use their paws to feel if objects are safe to eat. Their perception of the object is heightened whenever they dip it in water. This process is called dousing.

Raccoon Removal in Auburn & Opelika, AL

Raccoons are exceedingly interesting creatures with a high intellect and ability to adapt, helping them to multiply their populations in the wild and in communities throughout the United States. However, they can be a nuisance to humans which causes many residents to seek out raccoon removal services whenever a raccoon is found around a home or piece of property.

So, if you have a pesky raccoon that is causing trouble around your Auburn/Opelika home, call Pesty Critters Wildlife Control for humane and effective raccoon removal services.