April 28, 2021

The Difference Between Extermination & Wildlife Control

When residents of Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin, AL encounter a critter like a mouse, squirrel, or raccoon in or around their home, they will often think something like, “I need to call an exterminator near me to get this animal off of my property.”

One of the first terms that may appear in your mind is “exterminator and if you search Google for, “Auburn exterminator” Pesty Critters Wildlife Control may appear in the search results. You’ll notice that though our website describes some extermination services, our name is Pest Critters Wildlife Control not Pesty Critters Extermination.


Extermination vs. Wildlife Control

It may seem that we are getting too “in the weeds” (no pun intended) with describing the difference between these two terms. However, it is helpful to understand how they differ, especially if you are someone who is concerned about the general well being of the wildlife that is removed from your home.


The word extermination essentially means the killing of something, in this case, the killing of animals.

While there are times that extermination in Opelika or extermination in Auburn are necessary for the welfare of our residents, it is not always most appropriate to kill the animal that is causing problems on your property.

In fact, as frequently as possible we would like to preserve the life of the animal and return it to its natural habitat away from your home.

This is why we don’t strictly refer to ourselves as an “extermination service in Auburn/Opelika.”

We prefer the term wildlife control.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife control is a straightforward term.

With wildlife control services in Auburn, we seek to control the wildlife when it comes out of the wild into your home or a residential area.

This term is more true to what we do because our initial reaction is not “kill the pesty critter.” Rather it is, “Let’s remove the pesty critter from this area so it does not bother Auburn or Opelika citizens.”

Oftentimes animals like rats, squirrels, and others can carry infectious diseases that can cause harm to residents and pets.

So, if we see that releasing this animal would likely cause more harm in the future than good, then we will humanely exterminate the animal.

If the animal poses no clear threat to the safety of the Auburn and Opelika community, we will release the animal into the wild because. 

Even pesty critters that sometimes hang too close to your home have a purpose in our ecosystem.

We don’t want to interfere with the functionality of that system.

Pesty Critters Wildlife Control

If you are looking for wildlife control in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, or surrounding areas, then Pesty Critters is the company to call.

We are experienced wildlife removal experts able to safely and humanely remove invasive wildlife from your home or business.

Contact Pesty Critters Wildlife Control today!