March 8, 2021

Common Alabama Yard Critters

Pesty Critters Wildlife Control services Auburn and Opelika, AL and we encounter a huge variety of animals whenever we get called to a job.

With Alabama being the 5th most biodiverse state in the nation, the animals we meet can range from insects like ants and reptiles like snakes to mammals like possums and raccoons.

As a homeowner in Alabama it is helpful to know what types of animals are likely to visit your home and how you can better prevent them from coming.

Snakes in Your Yard

Snakes are one of the most common critters found in Alabama yards. They often raise concerns for homeowners because many people have a fear of snakes.

The majority of snakes in Alabama, however, are completely harmless to humans. So, if you ever see a snake in your yard, don’t freak out. Here is a list of venomous snakes in Alabama.

Venomous or not, though, most homeowners would rather not have snakes slithering through their yards while kids, pets, and neighbors play, relax, and work.

Small mammals like mice, chipmunks, and moles in your yard are very attractive to snakes who are looking for a good food source. So, one of the best ways to eliminate snakes from your yard is to eliminate these other animals.

Moles, Rats, Mice, and Chipmunks in Your Yard

Many people think that these tiny critters commonly found in Auburn/Opelika, Alabama lawns are cute. While this may very well be true, it does not mean that homeowners should necessarily welcome these animals in or around their home.

Rats and mice are notorious for carrying diseases that are harmful to humans and household pets. They also often carry fleas and ticks that are not only annoying, but carry diseases themselves.

Moles and chipmunks are burrowing animals that dig complex systems on and beneath the surface of your yard. These burrows can disfigure your yard and destroy a lot of hard work and money put toward your home’s landscaping.

Like snakes, the main reason that these small animals are attracted to your yard is because they have found a good source of food.

Moles, rats, mice, and chipmunks are pests that are going to eat whatever is most accessible to them. They are opportunistic eaters.

Exposed trash with old food, pet food, fruits, berries, and fallen tree nuts all provide great sources of food for these critters. So, eliminating the food source is key to eliminating their population.

Additionally, structures of any kind that these animals have easy access to and that provides relative cover for them are a huge attraction. Make sure to keep any wood, brush, rock, or discard pile a significant distance away from your desired pest-free area.

Raccoons in Your Yard

Most homeowners who are close enough to even the smallest amount of wilderness have experienced waking up to find their trash strewn across the driveway. They rightly suspect a masked bandit is responsible, the raccoon.

These medium sized animals are common in Alabama yards and, like snakes, eat some of the smaller common yard critters like mice. Unlike snakes, though, they also are opportunistic feeders, like mice, moles, and chipmunks. So, anytime an easy meal is left sitting outside overnight, raccoons are much more likely to visit your home.

The best way to prevent raccoons from causing havoc around your home, is eliminating any potential for them to easily find food at your house. Ensure that trash cans are properly sealed and be sure not to leave food sitting out from an outdoor gathering like a family barbeque or neighborhood picnic.

When Prevention Isn’t Enough

Keeping these common Alabama yard animals can be a difficult task. When you feel that you’ve done all that you can to reduce these pest populations in your yard or if you simply don’t want to fool with removing animals in your yard, you should call Pesty Critters.

Pesty Critters is an Auburn and Opelika based wildlife removal service that has a team of experienced professionals able to take care of your animal problem.

We strive to remove animals in yards throughout Auburn and Opelika in the safest and most humane way possible.

Contact us for any animal removal service needs in Auburn/Opelika, AL.