August 10, 2021

Opelika & Auburn Fall Critter Control

Fall in Alabama is just around the corner. With cooler temperatures and longer nights, that means that many animals across the state will be looking for a warm place to make home and enjoy a free meal courtesy of Auburn and Opelika families.

Most of these Alabama critters are not an immediate threat to human safety, but they can be a nuisance as well as a cause of property damage.

Here is a list of Auburn & Opelika, Alabama critters that may become a bit more active around your home this fall:

Gray Squirrels

The Eastern Gray squirrel is one of the most common animals found in the woods, at a park, or even while walking down a crowded Magnolia Avenue.

So, it is no surprise that these little creatures are going to be a common critter in your yard in the fall. However, during the fall they may be especially driven to find adequate shelter and food in your yard. This is because squirrels usually finish weaning their young when fall begins.

This means that the fall season offers more squirrels ready to come pay your family a visit.

Mice & Rats

Mice and rats breed year-round, so they aren’t solely an autumn critter problem in Auburn/Opelika. However, the fact that they are always breeding should make residents extravigelent over these multiplying animals.

Mice and rats vary in size, but are generally small which allows them to enter into homes through tiny cracks in the foundation, walls, siding, etc.

They are not picky eaters and are willing to eat anything from week old guacamole to fruits to chicken eggs. This makes them particularly difficult to detract.


Many common Alabama bat species mate during the autumn months, so they are especially active during the fall.

Though there are many myths about bats, most of the more sinister myths, like they all suck blood or they all have rabies, simply are not true.

In fact, if Auburn and Opelika residents don’t mind these critters flying around their yards, they can be extremely helpful agents of insect control.

So, before attempting to exterminate these animals, consider whether or not their presence around your home is more helpful or harmful.


Bobcats are predominantly nocturnal and elusive creatures, so it is unlikely that you will see them. However, if your home is surrounded by common prey for the bobcat, then you may find yourself hosting an occasional visitor.

These animals are generally harmless to humans, but could cause harm to household pets like small dogs or cats.


Coyotes are increasingly common inhabitants of the Alabama ecosystem. So, it is good for Auburn and Opelika residents to be educated on these animals’ behavior.

During the fall months, coyote pups begin to leave the pack, so there is an increase in the active coyote population.

Though coyotes are beautiful animals in their own right, they can cause significant damage to homes and property.

Because they are so content with eating whatever they can find, a coyote may dig through your trash bin, eat a chicken from your coop, scare the cat, and steal a melon or two from your fall garden harvest.

If you have had one too many encounters with these Auburn/Opelika critters or are beginning to see an increase in their populations in or around your property, call Pesty Critters today!