September 27, 2021

All About Alabama Bats

Where Do Bats Live?

Aside from rodents, bats are the most diverse group of mammals in the world. Over 1,300 species of bats exist and they live throughout the world in the nooks and crannies of each place like bridges, caves, under trees, etc.

Given the extensive water system, cave systems, and greenery of Alabama, bats inhabit every part of the state.

Are Bats Blind?

No; this is a common myth about bats because they are nocturnal creatures, meaning bats are most active during the night. Bats, however, use their sight to see objects and navigate while flying.

While bats can see, they still make use of their extremely complex ears to hunt and catch insect prey by a process known as echolocation. In this process, bats emit supersonic sounds from their mouth and nose and, depending on the frequency that the returning sound has upon reception by the bats’ ears, bats determine the size and location of the object.

Are Bats Harmful to Humans?

No. Bats in Auburn, Opelika, and throughout Alabama are overwhelmingly helpful to human life and the overall ecology of Alabama.

Bats act as a key source of insect control throughout the world. For Auburn, Alabama’s wet summers, bats are humans’ allies in the battle against harmful mosquitos and pesky gnats. Fruit eating bats are also key in maintaining forest ecology through seed dispersion. Recently, bats’ unique flying method has inspired engineers to create a bat-like drone.

In Central and South America there is a type of bat called Vampire Bats that feed by sucking the blood of mammals and have been found to occasionally suck human blood. However, these bats are not in

 Alabama or anywhere in the United States and are no reason to fear Alabama bats.

What Types of Bats Live in Alabama?

Given that Alabama is one of the most biodiverse states in the United States and that bats are one of the most diverse groups of mammals, it is no surprise that many bat species live in our state.

Here is a list of Alabama bats:

Getting Rid of Unwanted Bats

If you have discovered a population of bats living in your home or around your property, you may want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Here are a couple of steps you can take to get rid of bats in your home:

  • Identify all entry/exit ways in your home and seal them.
  • Install a bat exclusion tube in one opening and wait for the bats to leave through this tube.
    • It may take some time for bats to leave through the tube you install.
  • Remove tube and seal opening.

If these steps do not remove the bats from your property, then you may need to call a professional bat removal service like Pesty Critters.

Pesty Critters Bat Removal

Our team of qualified professionals offers bat removal for residents in the Auburn and Opelika, AL areas. We remove all critters, bats included, as safely and humanely as possible while working to ensure that they do not return to your home or business.

Contact Pest Critters today for bat removal services in Auburn/Opelika, AL!